"We'll see what I make of this..."

Post date: Jan 02, 2010 5:43:29 AM

So, as you can see...I've decided to set up chadkafka.com as an actual website.  I have been struggling lately with where to "house" all the things I do on the web.  Do I create a blog?  Do I go all out and create an actual website?  I messed with the programming code Joomla a little because our school district's website was created using Joomla.  

I'm not a fan.

I'm sure to a programmer or code person it's very easy to use, but I found it very cumbersome.  So that's why I'm here using Google Sites.  I learned more about Google Sites at the recent Google Teacher Academy I attended in Washington DC in early December.  I like the functionality of it and I like that I can have this "announcement" area to essentially create my first blog.  So what will I blog about?

...who knows.  I have never been a "blogger."  I'm guessing I will try to keep this on track with things related to technology so we'll see. I know that I want to keep things short because I'm not a big fan of LONG, DRAWN OUT blog posts about nothing.  ...  

Back on track ... I had some brain storms tonight while driving home from our tour and visit to Lambeau Field so I have a first series of blog posts ready to go as I put them together.  So as the banner of the website says...

"We'll see what I make of this..."