1-Minute-ish Tech Tips

My Google Certified Innovator Project centers around short 1-minute-ish Tech Tip screencasts that I create to highlight a feature or use for a GSuite product.  This started as me typically making these to share out in my school district, but I have combined these into a playlist that I also share out with the world through social media or in online communities that I'm a part of.  I will be continually adding to this project.  This is currently housed under the FranklinTechTube YouTube Channel in my district where I create and publish other screencasts and videos.

Goal of 1-Minute-Ish Tech Tips: Share quick, short, digestible uses for GSuite products that teachers, students and anyone can learn from and apply right away.

The full playlist is here if you want to scan the catalog.  Note: This has morphed over time so the further back you go, you'll see I tried to keep things as 20-second and then 30-second and eventually "1-minute-ish" tips. :)  

The full playlist is embedded below as well.  TIP: Use the menu at top left of video below to see the other videos in the playlist you can jump to.