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New Berlin Tech Academy

The following is the Keynote Presentation I gave at the New Berlin Tech Academy on 8/10/10.  To advance through the Prezi file in the order that was intended, click the "next/play" button to advance along the path of the presentation.  

Please go here to see my Prezi presenation:

The following is a list of the links shared during the presentation if you'd like to follow up on any of the websites or information shared.
  • - Today's presentation was created using
  • Spell With Flickr - made the "create, communicate & collaborate" logos using this.  Type in the word you want and the letters are found on Flickr!  You can click on a letter once it's made to find a different choice if you don't like.  I took screenshots of the finished product and put them in my presentation.
  • - take a word or name and have it created in the bubble-looking Twitter font!
  • Audience/Classroom Response?
    • - great for a quick way to poll your students.  Free account, up to 30 responses per question
    • - another way to poll or sample your audience.  Free account allows up to 50 responses
  • Google Resources
    • -sign up for newsletter, resources for the classroom, information on Google Teacher Academy, Blog of education related posts.
    • Google Docs - workshop I gave focusing on Google Docs and how to use
    • Interested in Google Apps for Education for your district?  Learn up on it here.
  • Twitter
  • Flip Cam Resources
  • Glogster EDU - resources, examples and getting started information for Glogster
  • "Facebook like" Services for online classroom facilitiation
  • Skype - video on how to get started with Skype and links to "Skype with an Author" and other networks where you can find people to Skype with for classroom needs.
  • Diigo - collection of Diigo resources, videos to get started using Diigo
  • Wiki's & Blogs - this page houses many resources used for a Franklin workshop on how to create your own wiki or Blog using or
  • Digital Images in the Classroom - this page houses resources related to using digital images in the classroom.  Includes some great links and resources for Kodak, Animoto, and Picasa.
  • Web 2.0 Tools - contains links and videos to some Web 2.0 tools and how they can be used in the classroom.
  • Wordle - create tag/word clouds with text
  • Tagxedo - Like Wordle but with more features