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24 Franklin

In the spring of 2009, the Instructional Services Department for the Franklin Public Schools talked about how we should "roll out" our ITLS standards for the district staff in the fall.  Our district Technology Committee had been working for 1 1/2 - 2 years on synthesizing down what technology skills our students should be getting and at what grade level.  We had created a scope/sequence across all grade levels and paired things down to a checklist that educators could follow to make sure students were getting what they need.  

So the question came, how do we share this with staff?  We discussed creating some kind of "attention grabber" that we could show in the fall at our staff Kick-Off event.  Through multiple discussions, I took some of the ideas my Curriculum Director wanted to get across to answer the questions for "why do our students need these skills" and came up with an idea for an Edutainment piece.  We wanted to include members of our community talking about what skills they look for when they hire.  Presented below in 3 parts (about 20 mins total) is our edutainment piece to grab the attention of our staff while also educating all on why we should focus on incorporating 21st Century Skills...